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You have spent decades building a successful business and developing strong relationships with your clients. Regulations and technology are changing, quickly. The business isn’t what it once was, and it is difficult to keep up with all of the changes while still serving your clients with the care and attention they have come to expect. Our job is to stay on top of regulatory changes and present new technologies that can provide you with efficiencies that get back to what you enjoy, your clients. If you are wanting to monetize your practice or find a successor to continue the culture you have created, we are your partner.

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  • Affiliate Your Business
  • Merge Your Business
  • Sell and Stay
  • Sell and Transition

Flexible Ingenuity

One of the many benefits of running an independent practice is flexibility. This can be flexibility in how you manage money, set up your office or manage the client experience. There is also a considerable amount of flexibility in how you structure your succession plan. We are committed to meeting advisors where they are in this process. It is not a one size fits all solution but a collaborative approach to structuring a relationship that has both you and your clients needs at the forefront. The ultimate goal is having a plan in place to ensure that your clients continue to receive the service and care they deserve in the event something were to happen to you, their advisor.

Affiliate Your Business

Affiliating your practice with Investment Advisor Group as an independent office provides you with the ability to maintain ownership and control of the business while offloading roles and responsibilities onto our firm. This can free up time to either start scaling back your time at the office or giving you more opportunities to focus on growth. We work with you to solidify a business continuity plan to provide your clients the piece of mind they are looking for.

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Merge Your Business

Merging your business with Investment Advisor Group private practice provides a deeper level of integration and continuity for your team and clients. You would be able to offload more responsibilities to our team that can include investment management, trading and full back office operations. You would continue to own the enterprise value of your practice but remove yourself from having to run the day to day operations.

Investment Management Back Office Trading
Continuity Plan Compliance Software Systems
Business Valuations Enterprise Value Marketing

Sell and Stay

One of the biggest hurdles that advisors face when nearing retirement is walking away from the business and their clients. We have the ability to help facilitate a sale of your practice, which allows you to capitalize on the value you have created over decades of work, and continue your work as an advisor. You now have complete focus on serving your clients as long as you are willing and able to do so.

Investment Management Back Office Trading
Continuity Plan Compliance Software Systems
Business Valuations Enterprise Value Marketing

Sell and Transition

Working with a firm that has gone through the valuation and acquisition process when looking to transition out of the business is paramount. We understand the process and we work with you to understand what is most important to you and your family. Retiring does not mean that you won't have an impact on the business. The culture you created with your practice for decades will continue on through the legacy you leave.

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