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The Advisor Experience

Strategic Independence with Investment Advisor Group provides you the ability to create your own experience for your practice and leverage our skilled team to manage the complexities of operating as an RIA all while doing business under your own brand. This gives you the freedom to focus on the areas of the business that bring value to your clients.

We have identified more than 40 categories and subcategories that we believe every individual RIA firm should manage. For example, your compliance program, transitioning your practice, technology integration, client billing, portfolio management, et cetera while also trying to stay ahead of the curve with new technologies and changing regulations.

Creating your own experience means more to us than simply implementing solutions. It includes the management of those solutions that are constantly in motion. Affiliating with IAG means you don’t have to identify, hire or manage a professional staff to run your practice. We do this for you. All in an effort to help grow your business, improve your client experience and increase your enterprise value.


Is Investment Advisor Group an RIA?
Yes, Investment Advisor Group is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).
Is Investment Advisor Group a Broker Dealer?
No, Investment Advisor Group is not a Broker Dealer nor do we have an affiliation with an independent Broker Dealer.
If I choose to affiliate with IAG would I be an employee of the firm?
No, all advisors that affiliate with IAG are independent contractors.
Would I operate under the IAG brand?
No, IAG will help you set up your own business and you will operate under your own company name as a DBA (doing business as) of Investment Advisor Group
Do I have the ability to work with multiple custodians?
Yes, IAG has relationships with multiple custodians and we work with you to select the best custodian for your business and clients.
Am I able to offer insurance as an IAR (Investment Advisor Representative) of IAG?
Yes, but only as an independent insurance producer. IAG does not offer, issue, nor supervise insurance sales. You will be able to disclose your insurance sales as an outside business on your SEC Form ADV 2B along with any potential conflicts that may arise and may be required to maintain your own supplemental E&O policy.
If I transition to an RIA, what do I do about my legacy commission business?
It is very common for us to work with an advisor that has legacy commission business whether that be variable annuities or mutual funds. We work with our advisors during the transition process to identify those accounts and typically present options to convert accounts to a fee based solution.

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